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1. When can I Burn?

No holidays, Sundays, or when there is a burning ban.

2. Do I need a permit?

No, but you must call the Chippewa County Sheriff at 715-726-7701,then select #1. They will need the date and location of where you will be burning. If you live in the DNR Forest Fire Protection Area YES you must have a burning permit, the town clerk can issue one to you.

3. What can I burn?

Brush and leaves from your property on your property only.


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1. How do I get a firework permit?

Contact any Board Member, Dennis Ferstenou 715-720-1226, Lawrence Frazer 715-933-2615, Randy Woodruff 715-226-0129

Dog License

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1. What is the cost of a dog license?

$15.00 per calendar year 2017.

2. How do I get a dog license?

Call Ruth Knapp, Eagle Point Town Treasurer at 715-723-2778.


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1. How do I get a driveway permit?

Contact Dennis Ferstenou, Town Chairman at 720-1226


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1. Where is the Recycling Center located?

16306 165th Ave. Hwy 178 north to Cnty Y go past Old Abe's Supper Club to 165th Ave. take left, center is on the right.

2. What are the hours?

1st and 3rd Saturday 8-1.

3. What can I bring?

newspaper, magazines, office paper, corrugated boxes, grocery bags, glass bottles, plastic-#1&2 only, aluminum cans, tin cans, metal-car parts, pipes,faucets, tools, bike parts, appliances-fee charged, yard waste-grass, leaves, brush, concrete, metal, untreated lumber

4. Cost for Appliances?

Refrigerator, air conditioner, freezer, dehumidifiers-$20 each microwave-$15 dryer, stove, hot water heater, dishwasher, washing machine-$10 each

5. Cost for construction materials?

Based on what you bring and weight.

6. Roofing materials?

No tar or asphalt.

Garbage/Recycling Residential

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1. Who do I get service from?

Waste Management is the contracted provider for residential. 800-621-8884

2. What can I recycle?

See list under forms and permits

3. What are the rates?

See rates under forms and permits


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1. How do I obtain a building permit?

Eagle Point is a zoned town with Chippewa County, please call 715-726-7940, prompt 5