133rd St. Bridge Closed


The board has approved to have the bridge replaced in 2021.  Check back here for updates as to when the work will start.


November 5, 2020

Contact: Dennis Ferstenou

Town Chairman

Town of Eagle Point



Eagle Point Closes Failing Bridge

Chippewa Falls, WI – The Town of Eagle Point has closed the bridge crossing O’Neil

Creek on 133rd Street south of 125th Avenue. Following a Wisconsin Department of

Transportation-required routine inspection on November 3, which revealed structural

failure of the bridge, Wayne Krejci, Chippewa County Highway Department Bridge

Program Manager, advised the town to close the bridge to traffic immediately.

No timetable has been set for the replacement of the bridge. The town board will be

meeting in the near future to discuss construction of a new bridge, which could occur in

the summer of 2021. No cost is available for the project. The town is eligible for bridge

aid, which will cover 50 percent of the bridge cost.

Chippewa County and the town have been monitoring recent deterioration of the bridge

deck and anticipating major repairs in the near future. The November 3rd inspection

revealed unexpected structural failure beneath the deck resulting in closure of the


Along with normal traffic, 133rd Street also provides a common route to Klinger’s Farm

Market to the north. From STH 124, Klinger customers are advised to use 125th Avenue

or 130th Avenue.