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125th Ave.

125th Avenue Reconstruction Update

The engineering plans for the project are nearing completion. The anticipated bidding of the project by road contractors is scheduled for late October/ early November of this year. Construction is scheduled to start in the spring of 2022.

The engineering process has determined that, in certain areas along 125th Avenue, the construction work needs to expand outside of the town’s right-of-way. This is normal where roads need to be widened, culverts extended and existing slopes are too steep. In these cases, the town needs to gain access to private land by way of land purchases or construction easements. Over the next few weeks, CBS Squared, the engineering company designing the 125th Avenue reconstruction, will be developing legal descriptions and providing stakes to identify these areas. Once these tasks are done, the town will be contacting the affected property owners to discuss construction easements or land purchases as needed. 

For additional information concerning this project, contact Dennis Ferstenou, Town Chairman, at 715-720-1226.