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Snow Plowing

From Dennis Ferstenou, Town Chairman

After a recent snowstorm, I took the opportunity to ride along with Jesse Zwiefelhofer, our Lead Town Crew person, as he plowed several roads in the town. I came away with a renewed appreciation for the work our town, county and city crews perform during and after snowstorms. One of the attached photos show what snowplow drivers often see – a road ahead with no distinguishing features to show where the edge of the road lies. And this situation is even worse in the nighttime during white outs.


During my hour ride-along, I noticed several properties where snow was pushed across the town road, which is a state statute violation. Snow pushed into the right-of-way freezes and presents safety and equipment damage risks to our snowplow operations. Town residents and snow removal contractors are asked to dis-continue this practice or risk citations and fines.


Another reminder – make sure mailboxes are installed at the minimum 41” above the road surface and there are no obstructions in the town right-of-way adjacent to your property. The town is not responsible for damage to mailboxes that are not installed to US Postal Service standards or driveway structures and markers in the right-of-way.