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Waste Managment

Update July 18, 2022

Release from Waste Manangement:   We are tightening up our service area and some of the outlying customers will be serviced by another location. This will give us more resources to service Eagle Point as well as all of our customers in the Chippewa/Eau Claire area.  We also have a new driver that completed his training and both of these combined should give some relief in the month of August and moving forward.

Tim Miller


Town of Eagle Point

Currently Waste Management is utilizing rear end load trucks to service your community.  Soon we will be transitioning to an automatic side load truck which will reduce the number of times our drivers have to get in and out of their truck, improving safety, efficiency, and cleanliness within your community.

In these challenging economic times, there is a possibility that you may experience some delays that may be attributed to mechanical reasons, supply chain delays, or staffing. We are committed to providing the highest level of service as we work through this and have had to delay pick-up service with a one-day delay (like a holiday, where we run one day behind). We always attempt to minimize these events from occurring, but occasionally it does happen. Your current service day is Monday, and if an unexpected delay should occur outside of a holiday, we will do our best to communicate that information as timely as possible.

I have included some information on the Smart Truck technology that will come with the automatic side load equipment for your review.

We look forward to the use of this new technology in the upcoming months to strengthen our relationship with your community.




Tim Miller


Tim Miller, Public Sector Services Representative