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EMS Service Suspension

This was written and requestd to be posted on the Town Website by Dennis Ferstenou, Town Chair

February 24, 2023
Eagle Point Fire Department EMS Services Medical Direction Suspended
On Thursday, February 16, 2023, the Town of Eagle Point Fire Department’s Medical
Director suspended his Medical Direction for the department. As a result of this action,
the town’s EMS services are temporarily unavailable to Eagle Point residents.
The suspension of medical direction action resulted from complaints the Medical
Director received from some residents regarding protocols used to treat patients on
EMS calls. The Eagle Point town board and fire department have not been given any
details on the EMS call incidents, dates of the events or personnel involved.
On Thursday, February 16, the Eagle Point Town Chairman and Fire Chief took
immediate action to confirm that EMS services are available to town residents and are
being provided through mutual aid agreements with the Towns of Anson and Tilden.
The town’s ambulance services from the City of Chippewa Falls and Cornell Ambulance
Service were notified. Emergency medical services are being dispatched as usual by
the Chippewa County Dispatch Center. Eagle Point’s fire services are not affected.
On Friday, February 17, Eagle Point EMS volunteers, led by the department’s new EMS
Service Director, implemented the re-training process which is being conducted by the
Medical Director and his staff. The Medical Director is working closely and expediently

with Eagle Point EMS personnel. The fire department anticipates completion of the re-
training and EMS service re-instatement by the end of March 2023.

Recent statements by the news media indicated that the Medical Director had resigned
from his position. It has been confirmed that comments during a recent media interview
did not include the word “resignation”. Information provided by the town to news media
only referred to the action by the Medical Director as “suspension of medical direction”.
Some town residents have incorrectly asserted that the suspension of the Medical
Direction was the result of the expiration of an EMS responder’s State certification. This
suspension is not related to the EMS certification issue, which is being investigated by
the town board. The board expects to conclude the fact-finding and render a decision on
this matter within a week.
In comments to the public, the town’s Fire Chief and EMS Services Director stated
“Despite the lack of transparency on the complaints made by residents and detail
information on the alleged protocol violations, our EMS volunteers are cooperating fully
with the Medical Director and his staff to resume EMS services to the town residents as
soon as possible”.