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Fire Department

Burning of brush and vegetation from the property

  1. Property owner calls the Sheriff's Department non-emergency number and indicates time, date and location of intended burn.
  2. Property owner plans the burn in an open area, surrounded by minimal or no vegetation with minimal wind.
  3. If possible, property owner should have a water supply available in case fire spreads.
  4. As always, the property owner is responsible if the fire gets out of hand and must be prepared to notify the fire department.
  5. No brush, wood, or vegetation is to be hauled on to property.

Chippewa County Sheriff Non-emergency 715-726-7701 #1

Please be sure to check the link under DNR Burning any restrictions or bans apply to all Eagle Point properties

The Town of Eagle Point has a Volunteer Fire Department.
If you interested in becoming a member contact the chief at the number listed below, or any of the current department members.

Fire Chief


Phone: (715) 226-1086

You may also fill out an application which can be located under the Forms and Permits tab on the left or here: Fire Department Application

Click on the link below to view the study report on space needs for the Fire Department.

Fire Department Feasibility Study

8th Annual Fire Department Fundraiser

Saturday August 22, 2020

10:00 am to 8:00 pm


There will not be a Easter Egg Hunt this year

Will will be back for 2021!

Please click on the Newsletters link for the informational newsletter on the Fire Station Space Needs Study.

March 24, and April 4, 2020 Informational meetings are CANCELLED.


April 7, 2020

Town of Eagle Point
February 2020
On APRIL 7, 2020, at the Spring Election, Eagle Point taxpayers will be asked to vote on the question seeking their advice on the purchase of land and the construction of a new Fire and Emergency Services Facility in the Town of Eagle Point. Please note that this is an Advisory Referendum, not a Binding Referendum. Depending upon the results of the Advisory Referendum, the Town Board will determine whether or not to schedule a Special Elector’s Meeting, which is required by State Statutes for approval of town building construction and land purchases. To provide town residents with information on the project, the Eagle Point Town Board has developed this newsletter. Town residents can obtain additional information by attending a public informational meeting on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 7:00 PM at the town hall, or at the fire station and town shop Open House on Saturday, April 4 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
At a town board meeting on January 9, 2020, the board voted unanimously to recommend proceeding with the construction of a new fire station on a new site on 147th Avenue just southwest of the existing town buildings.
What is the make-up of the fire department with regard to facilities, equipment and personnel?
The Eagle Point Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1977 and operates out of a single 3,000 square foot station in Eagleton. The department maintains a main engine, two tenders, a brush-fire truck, John Deere Gator with tracks, and a special rescue trailer for water rescue and other uses. The department includes twenty-two members consisting of firefighters and Emergency Medical Responders.
How did the Town Board determine the needs for a fire and emergency services project?
In 2016, the Planning Commission completed an update of the town’s 2008 Comprehensive Plan. One of the findings was the identification of space needs at the existing fire station, which was constructed in 1978. In January of 2017, the town board hired CBS Squared, a Chippewa Falls-based architectural and engineering firm experienced in fire station design, to complete a space needs study. The firm studied two options: expanding and remodeling the existing station or constructing a new station on a new site. In June of 2017, the Town Board voted to recommend the construction of a new fire station. At an October 2017, Special Elector’s Meeting, the voters turned down the proposed project by a vote of 137 to 116.
Why is the Town Board again recommending a new fire and emergency services facility?
In January of 2018, at the recommendation of the Eagle Point Planning Commission, the Town Board appointed a 12-person Citizens Committee which studied the two previous options (addition to/remodeling of the existing station and a new station) along with an option involving the remodeling of the existing station with a free-standing heated storage building. Prior to dissolving the Citizens Committee, and referring the study back to the Town Board, the Citizens Committee was unable to officially make a recommendation, but they did feel investing in a new building and site with a not-to-exceed cost of $750,000 was appropriate. Further study by the Town Board indicated that the $750,000 budget was not enough to finance the required building square footage and site purchase costs. After consulting with area design and construction firms over the past several months, the Town Board concluded that construction of a new fire and emergency services facility and purchase of a site could be completed for $830,000 or less. Incidentally, the cost of the 2017 facility was estimated at approximately $914,000 including land.
The consensus of the Town Board is that a new station offers the best opportunity for the town to meet long-range space needs. Also, constructing a new station allows the existing fire station to be used for road department shop space. The existing town shop is overcrowded, especially in the winter months when winter road maintenance equipment is stored in the heated shop.
What will be included in the new fire and emergency services facility?
The proposed building will be modest in design and include approximately 6,000 square feet of space. The building will house four apparatus bays, office, a meeting/training room, storage spaces, showers and washer/dryer facilities required for decontamination, and space for additional future equipment.
Where is the proposed site for the new facility?
The Town Board considered several sites. The preferred site is located on 147th Avenue at the southwest corner of the park in the vicinity of the under-used sand volleyball courts. This location would use a portion of the Lawcon-funded park land. Federal regulations require that land funded under Lawcon grants and later used for other purposes must be replaced. The Town Board is currently working with State and Federal Lawcon agencies seeking approval to purchase adjacent farmland next door to replace park land used for a new facility. Although approval of the Lawcon land use is likely, an acre and a half of farmland adjacent to and west of the park is available if access to the Lawcon land is denied. The cost to purchase land for either site is included in the total project cost.
Did the town explore locating the new station closer to the south end of the town?
The town considered the possibility of locating the new station farther south, where the population is higher. Consulting with the fire department members, the consensus was that a site in Eagleton provides the best
response time for fire fighters, many of whom live in the Eagleton area. EMRs generally respond from their homes and are located throughout the town. The current station’s close proximity to the center of the town allows equal access to the far northern and southern areas. Also, keeping the fire station near the town shop better enables road maintenance crews to remove snow during the winter season.
It is important for all town residents to know that the town maintains mutual aid agreements with neighboring fire departments including the City of Chippewa Falls.
I understand that the town purchased land immediately north of the existing station for the sole purpose of adding on to the existing station?
When the town purchased the lot north of the existing fire station, the intent of the purchase was not solely for the construction of an addition to the existing station. Although the purchase offered that opportunity, the town took advantage of the availability of land immediately adjacent to town property when it became available.
Why does the final project decision need to be made at a Special Elector’s Meeting instead of this Advisory Referendum?
By State Statute, towns in Wisconsin are required to hold a Special Elector’s Meeting for the purpose of voting to grant authority to the Town Board to borrow funds for any building project or land purchase. If a referendum is held, it can only be advisory, and the town is still required to hold a Special Elector’s Meeting.
What will a new fire station cost me as a taxpayer if the project is approved?
The Eagle Point Volunteer Fire Department Members voted to donate $100,000 towards the project. The funds are from the Shirley Dallmann Estate donation to the fire department in 2015. The balance of the project cost would come from a loan, which would be spread over a 10-year or 15-year period. The terms of the loan are based on a State Trust Fund loan, which appears to offer the best rates at this time. The Town is not eligible for either the Community Block Grant or USDA Rural Development Grant programs because the median household income level is too high.
The Annual Tax Cost to Eagle Point property owners would be $24.50 per $100,000 of assessed property value, based on a 10-year amortization. This estimate assumes borrowing $730,000 at 3.25% for 10 years.
Where can I get additional information on the project?
Other opportunities to obtain information include:
▪ Tuesday, March 24th Informational Meeting at the town hall starting at 7:00 PM
▪ Saturday, April 4th Fire Station and Town Shop Open House from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
▪ Contact Town Board Members by phone or through town website email at