Notice of Spring Election:   NOTICE OF SPRING ELECTION   Town of Eagle Point Tuesday April 2, 2024 State of Wisconsin Chippewa County NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that at an election to be held in the Town of Eagle Point, on Tuesday April 2, 2024.The following offices are to be elected.  The term for following offices is for two years beginning on Tuesday, April 16, 2024.                   Office                                                       Incumbent                   Town Supervisor                                       Steve Goettl                   Town Supervisor                                       Pauline Spiegel NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, that the first day to circulate nomination papers is December 1, 2023 and the final day for candidates to file all required paperwork is 5:00 p.m., on Tuesday, January 2, 2024, in the office of the town clerk. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, that if a primary is necessary, the primary will be held on Tuesday, February 20 2024. Acceptable Photo ID will be required to vote at this election.  If you do not have a photo ID you may obtain a free ID for voting from the Division of Motor Vehicles.      Dated this 28th day of November 2023                                                                                         Laurie Hebert                                                                                       Town of Eagle Point Clerk

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Town History

The Eagle Point Town Hall building opened its doors in June 1939.

The women of the Eagle Point Club having no building did their best to mark the ballots for their town.  One day they said we need a building!  In May of 1938 work on the new town hall began with Charlie Hebert who was the Town Chairman for 7 years.  The town hall building opened its doors June 1939.

In 2011 the town hall was remodeled with new energy efficient windows, state certified lift, new paint, new lights.

The board voted and approved to install Air Conditioning in the the town hall, a fund has been developed and donations are being accepted.  We anticipate to start the install in 2022.

With monies from Routes to Recovery Grant the upper hall now has sound proofing, stage curtain, and a new audio/microphone system.  A secure drop box is now outside for payments, correspondence, and incoming mail.  Security cameras monitor the property also.

August 2021 the outside foundation, stairs and railings have all been updated with new paint.